NBA Legend Chris Bosh Slams NFL For Discriminating Against Black Coaches

February 05, 2022 - 1137 views

Chris Bosh is not happy with the treatment of Black coaches in the NFL. The former NBA star recently revealed that he is “downright mad” about the lack of Black head coaches in the NFL. In his newsletter, The Last Chip, the Basketball Hall of Famer vented his frustrations with the league, sharing:

“I’m talking about football’s head coach problem. Specifically, its lack of Black ones. If we’re talking about equal opportunity or diversity or any other word you’d use, it doesn’t exist in the NFL unless you’re an athlete risking your life on the field. Almost exactly a year ago, on the eve of the Super Bowl, I wrote about this injustice: How the NFL, where more than one in two players are Black, had hardly any Black coaches. Not only is that still the case, but they’ve regressed: there are fewer Black head coaches now than there were when the season began—down to an appalling count of one. “

Bosh’s critique didn’t end there. He spoke out about Brian Flores and David Culley, who were both fired as coaches after exceptional seasons, while each of the four coaches hired so far this cycle—Matt Eberflus, Nathaniel Hackett, Brian Daboll and Josh McDaniels—are white men. The Miami Heat retiree shared with his Instagram followers:

“Watching the way the NFL is treating Black coaches has me pissed off. Plain and simple. Until they fix this, I cannot keep spending my weekends supporting the league. I want to be able to watch the Super Bowl next to my kids, knowing they’ll see people who look like them on the field and the sidelines. I want them to know that the next great strategic mind might belong to a coach who isn’t necessarily white. Because I know they’re out there, future Belichicks and Lombardis and Maddens who happen to not be white men. Football needs to promote those who have proved themselves—and keep them around.”

Ultimately, the two-time champion and 11-time NBA All Star says the “bias problem” in the NFL is enough for him to stop watching the sport.


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