November 14, 2020

Ukraine war must end with liberation of Crimea – Zelensky

Ukraine's president devotes nightly address to Crimea after explosions rock a Russian airbase there.

Mar-a-Lago: Republican uproar over FBI raid on Trump home

Mike Pence is among those demanding an explanation from the attorney general for the unprecedented move.

Ex-inmates reveal details of Russia prison rape scandal

Former prisoners expose how and why rape is being used as a weapon inside Russian jails.

France whale: Beluga put down during dramatic rescue mission

French officials say the whale's condition worsened as it was being moved from the Seine to the sea.

Kenya elections 2022: Raila Odinga and William Ruto in tight race for president

More than 90% of polling stations have reported, but the official result may not be known for days.

Homes needed for 4,000 beagles rescued from breeder in US

Charities are on a mission in what is thought to be one of the US's biggest ever dog rescue efforts.

Langya: New virus infects 35 people in eastern China

The patients are thought to have caught the virus from animals such as shrews, and not from humans.

Mexico's indigenous groups celebrate their heritage

Mexico marked the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples with an exuberant parade.

Albuquerque police hold suspect in murders of Muslim men

The killings raised fears in the local community and saw increased security at mosques and schools.

Elon Musk sells $6.9bn of Tesla shares as Twitter lawsuit looms

The world's richest man says he needs the money in case he is forced to buy Twitter for $44bn.

Fast food giant Domino's pulls out of the birthplace of pizza

The fast food giant's pandemic-related exit from Italy was celebrated by some social media users.

Serena Williams suggests retirement from tennis after US Open

Tennis great Serena Williams has suggested she is set to retire, saying she will be "evolving away" from the sport after the US Open.

Robert Pope: Guinness-fuelled man runs width of Ireland in a day

Robert Pope ran the almost 130-mile route from Galway to Dublin in just 23 hours and 41 minutes.

Will an FBI 'raid' supercharge Trump?

As supporters urge him to run for president again, the search on Mar-a-Lago has lit a match for Trump.

China property crisis: Why homeowners stopped paying their mortgages

The country's property sector is struggling with a cash crunch, forcing buyers to take extreme steps.

Loire Valley: Intense European heatwave parches France's 'garden'

The Loire Valley is key to French farming, but it is being devastated by a fourth heatwave this year.

Could Trump investigation stop him running in 2024?

The law against mishandling classified data includes a potential ban on running for office.

South Africa sex crime: 'We want our bodies to be secure 24/7'

As the country reels from news of a gang rape, the victims demand security over their bodies.

Laal Singh Chaddha: How Aamir Khan adapted Forrest Gump to Bollywood

The actor's remake of the Hollywood blockbuster is Bollywood's most ambitious adaptation yet.

China-Taiwan: What we learned from Beijing's drills around the island

Beijing redefines what is "acceptable" even as Taiwanese attitudes appear to be hardening further.

Whale dies during rescue mission in France

A team of 80 helpers worked through the night to try and rescue the animal from the River Seine.

Cuban fuel depot fire spreads to third tank

A fire which started after lighting struck a oil depot in Matanzas, Cuba, continues to spread.

Crimea beachgoers run after airfield explosion

Russia has played down the series of explosions at a military airfield in the area it annexed from Ukraine in 2014.

Drought leaves boats stranded on dried-up river bed along French-Swiss border

Stretches of River Doubs on the French-Swiss border are parched after severe droughts hit western Europe.

Israel-Gaza: Nine-year-old Gazan recalls fear as Israeli strike hit

The Gaza resident was at her grandfather's house when rubble began to fall.


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